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In our office we have an agent for GENERALI, one of the oldest and best known insurance companies in Spain. We cover all your insurance needs in Spain.
Welcome to our office in La Nucia.


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Generali España is one of the main Spanish insurance groups. It sells a complete range of Life and Non-Life insurances to both private and corporate clients, offering solutions fit to the most complex multinational companies.

HEALTH - If living in Spain or spending a lot of time in Spain and if you are not covered under the National Health system "Seguridad social", it is important to have a private health insurance.

HOME - If you have property in Spain, or live in Spain you will need to consider what insurance policies you need to provide peace of mind and protect yourself and your assets.

CAR - If you own a car in Spain you will be required by law to have a car Insurance. Like in any other country the cover can range from third party to fully comprehensive.
“Pago como conduzco” in Spain, a pioneering motor insurance policy that calculates the premium according to driving habits. It is aimed at customers of all kinds, although it especially benefits younger drivers with good driving habits. “Pago como conduzco” offers the potential for customers to benefit from a discount of up to 40% compared to a conventional policy.

LIFE - To provide peace of mind for you and the people you want to protect most, your family

TRAVEL - Insurance for people living in Spain with repatriation to home county.

ACCIDENT - Calculations at Accidental death, Permanent or partial (based on scale) disability due to an accident, Medical expenses due to an accident (within the company medical
network), Medical expenses due to an accident in centers of free choice.