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Tax legislation is constantly changing and it is necessary to keep informed and updated. As a private person, this is not possible. If you own a property or run a business, you are taxable in Spain. Residents and non-residents are treated differently but it is obligated to declare the assets and it can be costly to cut corners. Spanish residents must also declare assets outside Spain if the value exceeds 50.000 €.

Master offers the possibility of analyzing and providing solutions to tax problems arising from national or international investments, trade, inheritance and gift, jurisdictions, property or assets outside Spain etc. Our skilled lawyers will help you with advice and information, take care of your tax matters and handle all documentation or communication with authorities.

All meetings in the office are simultaneously translated between Spanish and English (alt. Scandinavian or German). Our translator is available Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 14:00. You can contact the translator directly via e-mail for more information: Susanne