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vita huset

The Spanish housing market is entirely open which means that all real estate agents can sell all properties. This makes it challenging as a client to search and compare proprties as it might right require dealing with different agents over different properties – as a  consequence it’s both time consuming and confusing to find the right property.

However, by contacting First Line Property as an agent, we will help You negotiate and compare properties based on Your unique needs and preferences, completely free of charge. We have a wide network of construction companies, painters, carpenters, tilers, designers, architects and legal representatives along Costa Blanca and our multilingual communication skills enables us to actively participate in any operation.

First Line Property is a real estate agency based near Alicante, Spain, with more than 17 years of experience in the area.

We believe in always putting the client first and our aim is not only to help our clients to fulfill their real estate dreams – whether it’s a future forever home or somewhere to spend the vacations -  but we will also  play an active part during the entire purchase and sales process in order to ensure that our clients feel secure.

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